Discover an unforgettable experience in the air with our paragliding flight over the natural wonders of Reunion Island. Fly over the magnificent botanical conservatory, where the richness of endemic flora will amaze you. Admire the lush plantations that punctuate the landscape, offering a colorful spectacle as far as the eye can see.

Height difference : 800m
flight time : 15 has 25 minutes


Dive into the depths of impressive ravines, witnesses to the fascinating geological history of the island. Then, let yourself be carried away by the serene beauty of the St Leu lagoon, its crystal clear waters and coral reefs abundant in marine life.

Your adventure will climax with a soft landing on the beach, near the famous sea turtle protection center, Kelonia. Take advantage of this special moment to contemplate the white sand coastline and turquoise waters, and maybe even spot a few turtles sailing gracefully in the waves.

Treat yourself to a unique experience that will leave you with lasting memories. Book your paragliding flight now and get ready to fly over breathtaking landscapes on Reunion Island.

  • Max. 115 Kg
  • Of 15 has 25 flight minutes
  • Aerobatic and piloting option included


Meetings are scheduled in the paraglider landing parking lot., next to KELONIA, to the Black Air Paragliding truck opposite.


The meeting place

Photos & vidéos

We are delighted to welcome you for an unforgettable experience in the skies. On board our paragliders, you will discover breathtaking landscapes and feel the incredible sensation of flying freely like a bird.


To make this experience even more memorable, we offer you the opportunity to capture every moment of your flight in high definition video and photos. Imagine being able to relive every thrill, every breathtaking panorama and every smile shared with your loved ones upon your return.

Photo and Video option :

Our experienced pilot will use a camera mounted on the paraglider to capture stunning footage of your flight. You will be able to relive every moment of adrenaline and serenity thanks to a professional video, edited to highlight the highlights of your adventure. In addition to this, our talented photographers will also be on hand to capture high quality still images, forever freezing the memories of your flight.

Photo Only Option :

If you prefer to capture only visual memories, our team of professional photographers will be there to provide you with high quality images of your flight. You will be able to keep tangible memories of your experience without video.

How it works :

Book your photo and video or photo only option when booking your flight or gift vouchers
Upon your arrival, our team will equip you with cameras and harnesses specially designed to guarantee your comfort and safety.
Enjoy your flight to the fullest as we capture every unforgettable moment.
When you return to the ground, recover your photos and/or video, ready to share with friends and family.

Pricing :

Photo and Video option : 20€
Photo Only Option : 5€